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The X1 is the result of more than 15 years designing and producing paramotors.

We spent more than two years doing researching work on the electric paramotor and developing this equipment. During this time we have made more than 300 hours flying with our electric paramotor, and we also spent lot of time in the check bench, and testing in the workshop. After this time of R&D it appeared the new X1 electric paramotor.

The frame is produced in different materials.
The main part is made in stainless steel, combined with carbon fiber tubes, and glass fibre-glass in the rods and the outer ring. The protection netting will tauten all the unit.

The frame includes he new Duraluminum 7075 arms, with an innovating design with no shackles, avoiding one element in the chain of possible failures this way. The harness strap has to be connected direclty to the arms now.

The X1 paramotor fits the electric engine Paracell 4.0. This engine has 15 Kv (20,4 hp), and it reaches 60 kgrs. hrust with a carbon propeller of 1,30 mtrs.

We can offer several batteries models, the flying autonomy will be different depending of the choosen battery different. It is about 20 minutes with the smaller battery , beeing the paramotor weight only 20,5 kgrs. with it; and 60 minutes with the bigger battery, beeing the paramotor weight 28 kgrs. with this battery.

Flying with an electric paramotor is indeed very similar to free flight, the flight will be "cross" like; this will help to optimize the batteries autonomy. The most advisable thing is to fly with a free flight glider which as very good fineness.

We advise a maximum pilot weight of 85 kilogrames.

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